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Aloha and welcome!

Halau Ho'oulu I Ke Kapa under the direction of Kumu Hula Leimomi Kiyono.


Kumu Leimomi is a graduate of Hula from Kumu Hula Puluelo Park.  Under the tutelage of  

Kumu Hula Puluelo for twenty odd years, Leimomi was taught all aspects of Hula; oli, 

kahiko ( hula 'olapa ), and 'auana ( modern hula ).   She has also performed as a dancer 

through out the state of Hawai'i and Japan.  The experiences gained throughout the years 

has led Leimomi to take her education and knowledge to another level:  teaching. 


This Halau was started with the main thought in mind to teach the Hula of our ancestors.  

Learning Hawai'i through song and chant instills the deep respect of this beautiful land 

and culture.  With that thought,  the mission of the Halau became clear:  to provide a strong 

foundation and encourage the continual study, understanding, and love of the hula and 

other polynesian dances.  Hawai'i is very multi cultural and recognizing our polynesian 

cousins like Tahiti through dance is important to continue the link between lands.  Therefore,  

the Halau will also be teaching other polynesian dances to stimulate and educate the dancer.


The dancer is an integral part of story telling our past, present, and future.  

The sway of the hips, the rise of the eye brow, the beautiful smile, and a 

twinkle in the eye, all tell a story.  The dancer through hard work and sweat 

shall be able to look agile and graceful.  Hula is not an easy dance to 

learn but when accomplished Hula becomes second nature and becomes 

part of our lives.  It is part of the " Aloha Spirit" which makes Hawai'i 

unique from any other land ( Hint:  Hula dancers love to gesture with their 

hands, body, and use lots of facial expressions especially when they are 

asked directions!).   Although Hula is a very disciplined dance, 

there is also fun and laughter.  Working with one another, creating new bonds of friendship, 

and learning to love oneself and others instilled the goal of the Halau.  The goal of the halau 

is to empower each individual with the abilities to work with others as well 

as utilizing learned skills to enrich their lives with the beauty and discipline of the hula.


Each class ( papa ) has been named accordingly.  Ages 3 to 6 years old are papa Liko.  

Liko is the bud of a flower or leaf.  At this age the students will begin to "grow" 

as they learn simple hula steps and stories of old.  Ages 7 to 12 years old are 

papa Lehua.  The Lehua is a beautiful flower prominent in Hula folklore.  

In this class, students will blossom with the love of the hula and hula steps 

become a little more difficult.  Ages 13 to 17 years old are papa Mamane. 

Teen years are the most trying years for students and parents.  The Mamane is a 

beautiful sturdy yellow and its wood is very strong.  When the flower is picked 

it is very fragile and it needs special care or it will wilt fast.  This is 

like teenagers today.  In this class, students will learn the importance of 

learning the Hawaiian culture, its dance, and through sweat and discipline 

will develope a strong backbone.  Ages 18 years and over are papa Mamo. 

The mamo is a beautiful yellow annual .  In this class,  whether new or 

seasoned,  all aspects of the hula will be touched upon.  Our papa Kukui 

are the kupuna or senior of the Halau.  Kukui represents strength and enlightenment.  

This class are for those that need a little cardiovascular exercise and pure le'a le'a.



Volunteering her services to our papa Mamane  class will be 

Kumu Kapualani McElroy.  Kumu Kapualani also graduated 

from Kumu Hula Puluelo Park a few years ago.  As a sister Kumu Hula, 

she has gracefully volunteered to teach the papa Mamane  

The honor of her presence to teach the teen class is greatly appreciated. 


Last but not least,  Halau Ho'oulu I Ke Kapa  would like to 

recognize Kumu Hula Puluelo Park for her inspiration, humbleness, and love 

in her teaching of the hula to all her graduate Kumu and students.  Also, mahalo ke Akua 

for all the blessings and love bestowed upon the Halau, 'ohana ame na hoaaloha.


Halau Ho'oulu I Ke Kapa welcomes you to our family and thank you for 

choosing us as your dance studio of Hula and Polynesia.


Let's Hula!