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Registration Is CLOSED for 2010.


Session 2: August September October November 2010  

 At the end of the first session of the year, Students will get together with family and friends at our Pa'ina to wonderfully display all that was learned.  After the second session, students will perform at our annual Hoike,  to showcase all that was learned during the year.

 If you are interested in learning  in a relaxed family style atmosphere yet willing to work out, sweat, and have fun then please call phone# 630-7063   or you can register online

Prices: Tuition fees are now $0.  An "ALOHA" donation at any class time will be accepted.  An "ALOHA" box for donations will be located at the front entrance.  ($25 one-time charge for all new members)

"I have elected to change the tuition fees to accept all patrons of Hula young and old, financially sound or not, and all genders to further my mission of the Hula."  ~KUMU

Click to view our Halau's Payment Policy

Ho'oulu I Ke Kapa * 45-580 Aneko Place* Kaneohe* HI * 96744 * 808-630-7063